It finally arrived: Just Blow Dry! This is luxury for the busy woman or for the woman who just wants to be pampered.

The blow dry bar is a style bar that cares for your every occasion hair needs, like private wedding parties, mother-daughter connections, Sweet 16 birthday party events, or that night on the town where you show your fabulous, fashionable frock.

At H2O Salon and Spa, it’s what we love: to finish HAIR. We are passionate about giving you an experience and transformation that will have you runway ready. Let us keep you beautiful.

We have many finishes to choose from depending on where you are headed. Let us know how we can accommodate your unique needs. We are always happy to do whatever it takes to make our clients’ experience amazing!


• Cleanse, style, and makeup touch-up inclusive
• For parties of three or more, add gratuity of 20%
• Bridal party and private party accommodations must be made in advance
• Food and beverage catering available
• Credit card deposit of 50% on all party arrangements

Services + Pricing

 Note: All Services À La Carte


Pick Your Finish

Note: Add an additional $10 for hair that goes below the shoulders and/or has greater-than-average thickness or volume.


Runway Finish $38+

For the special night, dinner theater, or any other special event. That touch of elegance—fresh, stylish, sleek, and avant-garde.


City Glam Finish $38+

For the girl on the move–volume, fullness, and your desires fulfilled.


Smooth & Simple $38+

Classical and sleek, shiny look–to flat ironed style.


Sexy Girl Curls $48+

Lots of movement, luscious locks, and beachy waves. Curls for days.


Preteen $38+

The teen dream for the girl feeling more grown up, but age appropriate.




10-Minute Massage $13


Kérastase Treatment $38+


Party Hair for the Party Girl $69+


Bridal Hair & Veil Placement $85+


Clip-in Extensions Application $13+




2 Blow Drys $66 (savings of $10)


4 Blow Drys $127 (savings of $25)


6 Blow Drys $190 (savings of $38)


12 Blow Drys $380 (savings of $76)

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